♥ i miss my dad
society is fucked up



my favourite poem in the world

a letter to my parents about my girlfriend
"i am in love with the idea of falling in love with her, i am in love with the way she asks how she looks and she gazes at me like i’m the silliest boy in the world because i’m not responding to her but really i’m just left at a loss for words and maybe it seems like i’m laughing and smiling at nothing, but really i’m realising that nothing has ever loved anything as much as i love the girl that stands infront of me. i am in love with the way she stares and smiles at me, i hope she knows that if she didn’t make me so shy i’d watch her forever too, if i didn’t know there was a heart beating inside my chest right now i would probably just assume it was just a golden heart shaped locket with her name inside of it. i am in love with the way her smile shines like every star in the night sky and her eyes that have every summer inside of them and how her scent is like the sweetest things in the world combined into one if you looked inside a dictionary and found the word perfect a descrption of her is what you’d find i am in love with the way she makes every second beautiful but not even close to as gorgeous as her
but i think out of all of this i’m in love with her the most.”